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For Baja California Sur

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año con año.

At the Alianza para la Seguridad Alimentaria we create spaces for dialogue and organize collaboration networks for the transformation and co-creation of an equitable, healthy, resilient and sustainable food system for Baja California Sur.



Alliances, networks and dialogues for action

Advocacy in public policy and regulation

Model transformation


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Climate Resilience for Food Security

Our priority is to strengthen mitigation, adaptation and collective learning capacities in the face of the challenges of climate change, with the aim of guaranteeing food security for the most vulnerable communities in BCS. We work closely with urban communities, agricultural producers, companies, and civil and governmental organizations to form networks for prevention and organized response to climatic phenomena. We approach this challenge, using collaborative leadership skills and co-design of strategies. We also encourage local capacity building, such as community organizing, damage assessment, first aid, and fire mitigation. The State Plan for Response to Food Emergencies (PEREA), one of our outstanding projects, is implemented in coordination with our allies in the five municipalities of BCS. Its objective is to facilitate access to nutritious and sufficient food in emergency situations, such as the damage caused by hurricanes Olaf (2021) and Kay (2022). Help us make BCS a stronger and fairer state!

Agroecology and Local Economy

Agroecology and Local Economy promotes agroecological transitions that regenerate human and ecosystem health, while improving livelihoods in agriculture. In collaboration with local producers and other food system actors, we seek to generate systemic changes and adopt place-based approaches for agroecological transitions, optimization of local supply chains, equitable financing, community participation, knowledge generation and sharing, as well as sustainable access. to water, seeds and arable land. Our goal is to inspire new directions for a food and agriculture system in BCS that benefits local producers, consumers, and ecosystems for generations to come.

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South Californian Food Bank

We collaborate to reduce food loss and waste, combat food insecurity and contribute to strengthening resilience in the communities to which it reaches. It currently has two operating centers, one in the city of La Paz and another in Cabo San Lucas. BAS recovers and redistributes an average of 40 tons of food per month, and contributes to feeding 3,500 people each month. It achieves this thanks to a vast network made up of 72 Food Collaboration Groups (established institutions or support centers) and more than 37 producers, supermarkets and other businesses that donate food in good condition that will no longer be used. Beyond distributing food, BAS implements various projects focused on leadership, risk management, health and nutrition, administration and economy, and water management in the communities where it distributes its food.

Food Loss and Waste

Currently in Mexico, 35% of the food produced in the country is wasted, equivalent to the loss of 491 billion pesos annually, the waste of 40 billion cubic meters of water and the release of 36 million tons of CO2. According to our study published in May 2023, Baja California Sur contributes more than 220,000 tons of lost and wasted food, more than 70% of which is suitable for human consumption. Our program focuses on generating dialogues and designing actions together with multiple stakeholders, to reduce food loss and waste by at least 50% by 2030, in line with objective 12.1 of the Sustainable Development Goals. . We seek to promote a culture of reducing food loss and waste, involving all sectors of society in the implementation of effective measures.


Systemic Change and Collective Impact:

A knock-on effect beyond ASA

Our strategy is based on a systemic understanding of food security, which recognizes its complexity and the interdependence of all elements, actors and regions in both the local food system and the broader food system.


Our programs are founded on a shared vision, co-created with the people we serve: small farmers, businesses, government, local community leaders, and other stakeholders.


ASA seeks to create a knock-on effect beyond our programs. Our systemic vision combined with the challenging context of Baja California Sur can offer valuable insights for other regions.

We are all ASA Let's transform the BCS food system together!

Voluntarios BAS
Voluntarios BAS



He is part of the team of volunteers who have an impact on the transformation of the BCS food system.


Participate as an ally

Be a strategic, in-kind or financial ally. We want to involve all stakeholders in the food system. Companies, institutions and government play a very important role.


Support with your donation

With your donation you make our work possible. Let's cultivate together and together a healthy food system for Baja California Sur.



Evaluación del sistema agrícola
y alimentario de BCS

Resumen ejecutivo

Diagnóstico estatal sobre la pérdida y desperdicio de alimentos en Baja California Sur

Diagnóstico estatal sobre la pérdida y desperdicio de alimentos en Baja California Sur


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